Le vigne di Clementina Fabi


The “Le Vigne di Clementina Fabi” agricultural company was born in the small area of Montedinove (AP) at the end of the 19th century, when the Fabi family, nicknamed “Cerì”, purchased some farms in the small foothills  area of Montedinove, planting their own vineyards, which still today produce part of the grapes used for wine production. The management of the business then went through one generation to the following one till it reached Clementina who, although she had already moved to Rome time before, decided to come back to her homeland and take control of the family tradition inherited from her father Luigi. After two centuries of close connection with the territorial identity, it was decided to enhance this heritage. And so the  “Le Vigne di Clementina Fabi” winery was founded in 2010. Today the company is carried forward with strong passion and dedication by Loretta, the last descendant of the family. Ancient history, modern technology, organic cultivation: we produce and transform the grapes obtaining quality products, grown in a unique and unrepeatable geographical area in terms of location and microclimate. These are the peculiarities of Montedinove, located in the hinterland of the Marca Picena, a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains at 600 m above sea level. The centennial art of cultivating vineyards and today’s agricultural technical innovations blend together, creating excellent grapes that guarantee excellent wines. The company’s originality is that it produces sparkling wine directly in its cellar with the Charmat method.

Loretta Di Maulo with her grandfather Luigi Fabi 1968

Our vineyards

The Ancient land, where the toponyms “Colle Pigna”, “Pignotto”, La Castelletta and “Sagliano” persist, was frequented since the Piceno, Roman and Early Medieval periods. In this foothill oasis, where the gaze is captivated by a comforting horizon of mountains and small towns with a thousand-year history, you can breathe an air and enjoy a light that makes not only the surrounding nature shine. In the middle part of the small valley of the Tesino stream, in the territory of Montedinove, province of Ascoli Piceno, “Le Vigne di Clementina Fabi” thrive.

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From Monday to –Friday: 9:00 – 12:30 / 14:30 – 17:30 and on appointment on Saturday calling 0736 828217 o al 3387463441


Rosso Piceno Superiore Centolitri Bio

Possente, austero e deciso evoca frutti neri, sferzate balsamiche, ricordi di incenso prezioso, fino ai più freschi fiori viola. Il corpo è teso e muscoloso. Il tannino è importante e ben vellutato. 

Offida Pecorino DOCG Bio Vegan

Al naso evoca ricordi precisi di ginestre e frutta a pasta gialla, fresca e anche esotica. Seguono note piene di salvia. Il corpo è possente, la sapidità straordinaria e la freschezza sorprendente. 

Rosso Piceno DOC Bio Vegan

La purezza del frutto, la forte corposità isieme a la freschezza e la presenza di tannini forti e non invasivi uniti all’affinamento in tini di rovere rendono questo vino morbido ed equilibrato. Un vino che ha la forza del Montepulciano e l’eleganza del Sangiovese

The farmhouse

The “Le Vigne” unit is located in the hinterland of the Marca Picena, a few kilometers from the Adriatic Riviera delle Palme.

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The company has adhered to the Rural Development Plan Marche 2014/2020 for the following measures: M.06.4 SUPPORT FOR INVESTMENTS IN THE CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF NON-AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES – ACTION 1 – AGRITOURISM
Aid Application No. 17951 M.4.1.A SUPPORT FOR INVESTMENTS IN AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES – Material and immaterial investments – Aid Application No. 16541 M04.1.A SUPPORT FOR INVESTMENTS IN AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES – Material and immaterial investments 2017 Aid Application No. 23627